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Gas Shok™

New non-alcohol based super water absorber stops phase separation in ethanol enhanced fuels and eliminates water in fuel tanks from condensation.

Use it in 2 and 4 cycle engines to control water, keep gasoline refinery fresh, maintain octane rating, clean tanks, and stabilize and winterize fuel for extended storage.

We use it to solve fuel-related problems in gasoline powered cars, in-board and outboard boats, trucks, motorcycles, generators, recreational vehicles, tractors and lawn mowers.

GAS-SHOK™ is a combination of new ash-less organic materials that are completely soluble in gasoline. Enhances octane and makes regular gas perform like premium gasoline, pays for itself in fuel savings.


Nothing works better to eliminate water and maintain fuel quality, PERIOD!

GAS-SHOK™ does the following:

If you have a fuel problem GAS-SHOK™ doesn't sold then it can't be solved with an additive, call us today - 410.742.2105

New industrial strength for maximum performance!


Contains no alcohols, will not affect warranties or harm components.
USA Fuel Service Maryland is a professional fuel filtering and tank cleaning company and this is what we use to solve fuel problems all the time and every time. Call us today. 410.742.2105

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